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Big Weddings Aren't For


Some people don't want to say their vows in front of a huge group of people, and we're right there with you! Elopements and small weddings let you have the wedding that feels right, whatever that may mean to you. Let's break some traditional wedding rules together!

We captured our first Wedding in 2015 and we haven't looked

back since.  Over 400 Weddings After, we've perfected

the art of providing you with an incredible experience

so that is why we are expanding into Elopement Films!



If you look up "elope" in the dictionary, you'll probably see that it is the act of running away to get married in secret. But we're seeing that this definition doesn't really fit the modern elopement. Couples are opting to skip big, traditional weddings and plan incredible, adventurous elopements in nature. With the average wedding in the United States costing over $30,000, elopements are a way for couples to save money and really focus on what is most important: the beginning of their marriage. But not everyone can imagine getting married without their closest friends and family (we couldn't!), so we define an elopement as a wedding with less than 20 guests.

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What our Elopement Package Consist of

Book our Elopement Video package and receive:

  • Collaborative Planning

  • Location Recommendations

  • Vendor Recommendations

  • Non-Traditional Ceremony Ideas

  • Practical Information Based on your Location

  • Drone Footage (some limitations may apply)

  • Professional Audio

  • Music Copyright

  • 2 Hour's of Coverage

  • 1 Professional Videographers

  • 3-4 minute highlight film


We love empowering our couples to make their elopement exactly how they always imagined it, whether that means making breakfast together in the morning, hiking through the forest, standing at the top of a mountain, or watching the Milky Way drift across the sky.

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